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Why Hollis-Brookline schools need to pass our amendment to Warrant Article 15

This past summer, the SAU41 School Boards considered an Equity Initiative which contained the fundamental concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT).  If approved, this resolution would require the district to hire an outside consultant (most of whom are strongly committed to CRT) to evaluate school policies relative to race equity. The consultant’s recommendations would be the basis for changes to policies, teacher professional development, and student curriculum. Although the resolution has not yet been voted on, the Superintendent formed an unelected Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee comprised of community members to guide this effort and make recommendations to the School Boards. Minutes from their meetings can be found here .

As of March 27, 2021, the committee is working on language to formalize the initiative. The committee has worked hard, gathered community input, and improved the original initiative language, but it has not specifically rejected the concepts of CRT. Without a strong statement of principles, this process could result in changes to our schools that allow CRT to be the operating principle behind our students’ education.  AboutHollis welcomes this opportunity to re-examine the question of race in our schools and has proposed unifying language to ensure justice and equality of opportunity for all students.

Why is the specific warrant article language important?

The language of our amendment to Warrant article 15 serves to formalize the guiding principles of Equality, Justice and Unity which have proven to be a powerful force for racial justice. Since these concepts are contrary to the assumptions of CRT and the original initiative language, our amendment will serve to advise the school boards which principles should be incorporated into policies, resolutions, professional development or curriculum in the future.