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What is ABAR?


(Currently being used at the Hollis Primary School)

ABAR is an acronym meaning ‘Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist’ training program.  While is against bias and racism, the ABAR program is strongly based on CRT Principles so much so that promoters of ABAR publish quotes like this:  

Intervention to support ‘anti-racist’ education is even more necessary than math and literacy” 

Direct quote from CRT training article sent to our teachers

As a reminder of what ‘anti-racist’ education is… it is the foundation of Critical Race Theory. CRT is a method used to examine society and culture through a lens solely based on race and power and its assumptions are treated as absolutes – not as theories, as the name implies. CRT “theories” are taught as universal facts about individuals that are forced on employees and students. At its core, CRT maintains that: 

  • if you are white, you are inherently, unavoidably, and systemically racist. 
  • if you are white and you don’t believe you are racist, it is only because you are subconsciously racist and don’t know it
  • if you are white, you are an oppressor, which means you are a white supremacist
  • If you are white, you can and should be discriminated against, to further “equity.” This is not considered racism. Rather, it is called “anti-racism.”

Do YOU agree that teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) is more important than your children learning math and literacy skills? 

You may not agree but, nevertheless taxpayer-funded CRT-trained teachers are promoting this agenda to other Hollis instructors and students.

As of the date of this posting, June 2021, a Hollis Public School activist teacher is leading bi-weekly CRT/ABAR (Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism) teacher sessions, during school hours at the Hollis Public School at taxpayer’s expense.  These meetings have taken place since the fall of 2020.

Notes like this are sent to the entire staff at Hollis Primary School: 

In the screen shot above, the CRT activist teacher specifically highlights one article for our teachers to focus upon.

“If you are pressed for time or energy and can only commit to reading one article, make it this one.” 

Here are some of the key quotes from that article:

If students are going to learn about anti-racism, they will have a lot of unlearning to do, too. They will hear contradictory stuff at home and from the world around them via every type of media (social media, news, music, magazines, radio, etc).”

“Plus, for a small set of white students, that internalized dominance will be especially extreme. These are the students where white supremacy is *explicitly* part of their home environments. Where a loving caregiver espouses white supremacist ideology, for example.” 

“So for white children there is a cycle where they are raised in white-dominant culture which socializes internalized dominance and ultimately upholds white supremacy ideology.”

Intervention to support ‘anti-racist’ education is even more necessary than math and literacy” 

The Hollis CRT/ABAR activist teacher suggested that the article containing these quotes was the most important thing for our teachers to read.

This CRT trainer received preparation to teach the CRT/ABAR program in a professional development course in July 2020. 

Anyone involved in education knows that professional development processes end up in the classroom and this is what has occurred in Hollis.

This kind of radical influence is likely how we ended up with a 3rd grade parent listening in to his child’s zoom class and hearing the teacher say these direct quotes:

  • 2021: “White people are the only ones who can be racists”
  • 2021: “White people cause racism”
  • 2021: “White people treat people in very bad ways because they have the power”
  • 2020: “It was white people who created slavery.”
  • 2020: “The white people brought slavery to the Americas.”

At this present time, 6 different teachers/employees from the Hollis Primary School have come forward to report their concerns about these CRT/ABAR meetings.  

A number of them wish to remain anonymous because they are afraid of reprisals.

One teacher reported that though the meetings are called “ABAR” meetings, the materials and concepts offered there are openly referred to as Critical Race Theory adding that information being presented is “not factual and not concrete.”

This individual said, “I do not trust the political situation at the Hollis Primary School.” 

The CRT/ABAR discussions have had a lot to do with what was covered in the classroom . . . they talked about how they were going to teach Thanksgiving. I know it also influenced how they spoke about the last election.” 

-HPS teacher comment about the ABAR meetings 2021

“I know that it [ABAR] was supposed to be open discussion but was steered by very left thinking individuals and conservative teachers’ ideas are not welcome.”

-HPS teacher comment about the ABAR meetings.

In the most recent ABAR meeting, the “Anti-Bias” part of the program involved training children and teachers at the Hollis Primary School to use people’s “preferred pronouns.”

In this meeting the following was revealed:

Another ABAR member/third-grade HPS instructor teaches this in the classroom: “you can’t assume someone identifies as a ‘him’ or a ‘her’ just because they are a boy or a girl.”

Parents should know that their children are being given this kind of training and instruction and understand that this content is integral to the CRT/ABAR teacher-training in the Hollis Public School.

At this same meeting when Anti-racism was discussed, another HPS employee in agreement with the CRT/ABAR training said: “I don’t even like to deal with white-owned businesses, I only like to deal with black-owned businesses because that is who I like to talk to.” 

The ABAR/ CRT teacher-training group plans to continue meeting in the fall but is considering having after school gatherings because of public pushback. They also plan having a CRT/ABAR book club.

According to concerned teachers, the topics discussed in the CRT/ABAR meeting have so far included things like:

  • Things to do in elementary school classrooms to counteract “White Rage”
  • Addressing “White Saviorism” in the elementary school 
  • Rethinking Thanksgiving as a “Day of Mourning” for elementary school children
  • De-emphasizing or eliminating Dr. Suess in the classroom
  • Sexual Identification and enforcing “preferred pronouns” for elementary school children


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