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Let’s Make This the Year of the Parent.

Parents are the best advocates for their children.

We will always seek and speak truth, question what doesn’t make sense, and refuse to be silenced.

We believe –

Parents are the first and best experts on their children.

Mandates should never be imposed on our K-12 school children without parental approval.

The Goals of Education in Hollis should be to support  intellectual  curiosity in children of all grades. This fundamental approach to creating scholars should never be overridden by political and social agendas. These agendas suggest activism on the part of teachers and the administration and have no business in the classroom.

Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) exists in parallel with Critical Race Theory; in fact, many people say they are one and the same. In education, it is “taught” as a reinterpretation of such attributes as courtesy, character, forgiveness and understanding.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right when he focused on the content of one’s character, a simple truth that needs no assistance from the Critical Race Theory proponents. The old-fashioned notion of treating others as you would have them treat you also requires no further embellishments.

Free Speech is a core tenet of learning by sharing thoughts and ideas. Every child should be free to speak their mind to the fullest extent of the law.

Gender Identity in the form of discussing any student’s personal, intimate details does not belong in our classrooms. These issues are the sole responsibility of a child’s parent/guardian.

Privacy is the right to choose whether to keep personal information, personal, or to disclose it.

Students Choose to speak out on this website about their experiences in the school environment.  They do this because speaking out on social media and in the classroom often results in unwelcome consequences socially and even academically. We support these brave students here.

Parents and Neighbors must remain closely engaged to ensure the quality of our children’s education. School Boards determine the educational goals of the district and develop policies that govern how our schools are run. Essentially, school boards are at the core of the recent transformation of our school environment and an education system gone awry.