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Upcoming Hollis School Board Meeting
at Hollis Upper Elementary School
6PM on Wednesday 11/03/2021

Upcoming COOP School Board Meeting
at Hollis Brookline Middle School
6PM on Wednesday 11/17/2021

A new school year begins! We have been thrilled by what we accomplished over the summer months. At the top of our list are —

  • So many more parents are now motivated to get involved with their children’s education, to understand the make-up of their daily classroom lives, and know what they are being taught. It’s time well spent to meet and enjoy the company of other like-minded parents.
  • The Hollis Brookline COOP School Board voted to make masks optional for grades 7-12! The school board listened to both parents and children urging them to vote in favor of masks-optional. The vote was close, 4-3. But, you showed up and that made all the difference.

Unfortunately the Hollis Public School Board decided to mandate masks for grades K-6. We continue to fight for the school board to make masks optional as the school year progresses!

People are continuing to sign a mask-optional petition for all our schools. Please join them by adding your voice and signing the petition here.

There is much to do as we bring 2021 to a close and welcome 2022. The best way to stay tuned is to sign up to receive our emails here. It’s easy!

We encourage you to continue communicating with the SAU41 administration and school board members. Let them know what you’re thinking, what you expect from them for your child’s education, what issues concern you. It’s easy — just click here for the email addresses of all of the SAU41 officials.

Every time we’ve needed you, you have showed up! Thank you, and special thanks for always putting the welfare and well-being of your children FIRST!

Keep Masks OPTIONAL NEVER REQUIRED in Hollis-Brookline Schools

We urge you to write to the school board personally, urging them for a vote to make masks OPTIONAL in all SAU14 schools. Click here for a list of email addresses »

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Is this what you want in our classrooms? Learn about this divisive dogma (CRT) and read the TESTIMONIES on this site about how it is hurting Hollis students NOW.

*The Hollis/Brookline Education Association, NEA-NH, is the exclusive representative of all staff members in the Hollis School District for purposes of collective bargaining.

With the dangerous agenda of Critical Race Theory (CRT) invading schools across New Hampshire, the parents, teachers and citizens of Hollis and Brookline are becoming educated and activated to ensure that the culture of our schools reflects the values of Equality, Justice and Unity envisioned by Martin Luther King Jr. rather than corrosive and divisive CRT.

Unfortunately, it has come to light that the influences of radical ideologies like Critical Race Theory have already made their way into SAU 41.

“I have been bullied by teachers and students and told that I am a racist and an idiot.”

Hollis Brookline Student 2021

CRT is a method used to examine society and culture through a lens solely based on race and power and its assumptions are treated as absolutes – not as theories, as the name implies. CRT “theories” are taught as universal facts about individuals – that are forced on employees and students.

At its core, CRT maintains that: 

  • if you are white, you are inherently, unavoidably, and systemically racist. 
  • if you are white and you don’t believe you are racist, it is only because you are subconsciously racist and don’t know it. 
  • if you are white, you are an oppressor, which means you are a white supremacist
  • If you are white, you can and should be discriminated against, to further “equity.” This is not considered racism. Rather, it is called “anti-racism.”

This is what is taught in schools (K-12 and college) and in the workplace when CRT is adopted.  This is being taught right now to children in Hollis schools.  

How do we know that these negative influences are in our schools?

Courageous students, parents, and teachers have come forward to share their stories about CRT as well as political discrimination, intimidation and indoctrination that have been taking place in a number of SAU 41 classrooms.

These people offer alarming accounts of teachers and students verbally bullying and marginalizing kids who speak up to disagree with political agendas that are being pushed by a number of SAU 41 teachers.

We cannot allow this to happen.  

Therefore some of these testimonies have been posted on this site.  We believe that the citizens of Hollis and Brookline must know what is occurring and have an opportunity to speak up about it.

The SAU 41 school boards, principals and Superintendent Andrew Corey have been made aware of these issues and Mr. Corey have been given documentation.  We expect all of this will be dealt with appropriately.

TEACHER TRAINING ALERT:  Alarming CRT/ABAR teacher training materials are being used in our Hollis public school.

Click here to learn about ABAR


Have you or your child experienced political discrimination, bullying or indoctrination in SAU 41 schools? 

If you are a student, parent, teacher, or employee in the Hollis/ Brookline school district and you have witnessed or experienced political discrimination, indoctrination or intimidation at school, we can help your voice be heard. You are not alone! 

We understand that you may feel afraid to come forward but we encourage you to do so because your story matters and will be handled in confidence. We can connect you with others who have had similar experiences if you wish. Please email