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Local Rep Responds to CRT

WATCH this short video to learn more from State Representative Sue Homola
who responds to those who say that CRT is “not going on here in Hollis.”

Synopsis of Representative Sue Homola’s Comments  

Lawrence Barn – Hollis, NH – CRT Event

0:00 Introduction.  State Representative Sue Homola thanked other speakers for their contributions and content previously covered during the event.

0:00 Representative Homola commenting on feedback she has received both ‘for’ and ‘against’ HB544, a bill addressing taxpayer funding of Critical Race Theory.

0:36 Talks about notes she receives saying CRT is not going on here in Hollis.  But she also hears from parents indicating that CRT is in fact in our schools. 

0:57 Direct quotes from notes she has received regarding the high school and Hollis Elementary:

Taught to first graders (reported by child):

“Columbus is evil.”

“Thanksgiving celebrates people doing bad things and should not be celebrated”

Taught to second graders (overheard by parent on zoom class):

“White people brought slavery to America”

“White people created slavery”

Taught to third graders (overheard by parent on zoom class):

“White people cause racism”

“White people treat people in very bad ways because they have the power.”

“White people are the only ones who can be racist.”

1:51 Statements from high school students:

I am afraid to share my beliefs. This is because we are labeled as racists and sexist for doing so. I have been pressured by a few teachers to believe different political views and it made me very uncomfortable. Critical Race Theory teachings will add to the division in our school.”

“One teacher discussed white privilege.  We are basically being told that only white people can be racist against other races.  There are more students of the COOP who are too afraid to come forward because it is common now that you will be labeled and judged if you speak up.

“At Hollis Brookline things like intersectionality and tolerance are only applied to those who fit within a specific agendas. I know quite a few students like me who are forced to remain silent because of the risk to their social status.”

“One day in history class, I challenged a teacher’s left-leaning opinion. She completely shut down my opinion and everything I said, tearing me to shreds. I have been bullied by teachers and students and told that I am a racist and an idiot.”

“I have been cyberbullied for my beliefs in school, kicked out of groups, sent hateful texts.  Kids like me rarely share our beliefs.  Left wing discussions usually show up in English and Social Studies classes but every once in a while they show up in STEM classes.  It has gotten worse this year.”

3:19 Ends with an affirmation about the quality of our schools and kindness of our teachers.  Despite that fact, incidents like these occur and it’s important to have this conversation.