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COOP Student Speaks Out on Masks

Aaron Niebel is a junior in high school and lives in Hollis.

Permission to use this video given by parental consent.


Last year was my sophomore year and it was basically ruined for me.  I suffered from a lot of depression and I’ve never suffered that much with my mental health, until that year.

I didn’t know it at first but it turned out it was just because the year was not normal, it was stressful. I would sleep a lot and I didn’t know why.  I would just sleep to escape and stress eat. 

Every time I think about  going to school now, going into my junior year, I get a pit in my stomach, when normally I’d feel excited to have a fresh start in a new year. 

One thing I wonder every time I hear about masks being mandated in our schools, how come my family can go out to a restaurant and eat without a mask  even entering the restaurant without a mask and I can’t get an education without having a mask mandated for 5 days a week, 7+ hours a day?

So, can I ask people,  in this room… if you support making masks optional, please stand up.