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NHPR: How The Critical Race Theory Debate Came To Hollis And Brookline

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This article reduces the fight against CRT to political viewpoints. . . Differences of opinion rather than actual facts . . . The issue is not whether there are incidents of racism but whether race and fake history will be sanctioned as the instruments used to indoctrinate our children and promote socialism. Hollis students are already being exposed to the teachings of Howard Zinn whose Foundation  monitors NEWSLEA, which is used allegedly to present current events and “nonfiction “articles to help teachers promote classroom writing activities. . .The “debate” is not just an  intellectual competition, the outcome has far reaching and damaging consequences for our children and the future of this country.Parents and educators need to understand that the 1619 Project and Zinn’s text are not factually accurate, have been intentionally fabricated to create a false narrative about this country and these are the materials CRT, ABAR and the NEA are exposing our children to under the guise of “equality”  and “equity” . . .

Commentary from Karen Dodge, Hollis

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